Trading and Investing.

Traders can meet face-to-face with Market Makers through GIC’s Peer-to-Peer platform. Maximize your outcome.

Join with 7500+ other users.

Are you a…

Active Trader

Free Commission.

No commission fee whatsoever.

Free Swap

No rollover/swap fee, traders and market makers meet directly with peer-to-peer system (P2P).

Low Spread

Made possible by the Market Makers as liquidity provider.


All transaction will be recorded transparently so that the platform is safe and fair.

Passive Trading

With an automated system to provide market liquidity, you don’t have to monitor charts or trade actively.

Passive Income

Market Maker’s profit taken from bid/ask spread from each Trader’s transaction based on equity.

Minimal Deposit

Access to be a Market Maker now doesn’t need to deposit billions of Rupiah and legal operational costs. Start from $5000.

Passive Investor

Our Focus:

GIC brought the game changing platform in an industry that still haven’t prioritize their main players: the traders and investors. GIC Trade maximize your trading outcome with a zero-cost experience. GIC Market Maker allows passive trading where previously this can only be done institutionally.

GIC Users have entrusted us with more than IDR 335 Billion

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